About Us

Company mission

We are continuously enhancing the intellectual and professional level of people by making the learning exciting and effective

The main company activity

Development and creation of electronic educational courses, designed for use in various learning management systems (LMS) and e-learning systems. Currently MMDC is included in the "TOP 5" of Russian companies in this market segment.

Experience in working with foreign customers

All online courses developed by our company meet the international quality standards’ requirements. We use a convenient scheme of work with foreign partners. We do not have any language barrier in communication, as our managers are fluent in English. By inviting of the professional translators, we are able to create the course content in any foreign language. Our credo is "Always in touch, in time and high quality!"

Our Customers

  • JSC "Sberbank of Russia"
  • Corporate University of JSC "Gazprom"
  • JSC "Gazprombank" – one of the largest Russian financial institutions
  • PJSC "SIBUR Holding" – the largest petrochemical holding in Russia
  • X5 Retail Group N.V. - one of the leading grocery retailers (X5 Retail Group stores are present in more than 1,000 localities of Russia )
  • JSC "Caspian pipeline consortium-R" – one of the major international oil transportation company
  • Russian State Railway company "RZD" – one of the three largest transport companies in the world
  • LLC "Boehringer Ingelheim" – one of the leading pharmaceutical companies producing highly effective and safe medicines.
  • and many other Russian and foreign companies and corporations

Implemented projects

Russian energy holding JSC

Russian energy holding JSC "RusHydro"

Multimedia training course " Keystones of energy efficiency"


JSC "Gazprombank"

Photorealistic course “Conflicts: interaction with clients and team members”


CJSC "Caspian pipeline consortium-R"

Interactive course "Caspian pipeline consortium: Introductory course"

Russian State Railway company

Russian State Railway company "Russian railways "

E-course "History of foundation, present and future of JSC "Russian Railways"

LLC Coca‑Cola HBC Russia

LLC Coca‑Cola HBC Russia


Gas processing and petrochemical company PJSC

Gas processing and petrochemical company PJSC "SIBUR Holding"

E-course "Lean office"




Net of shoe casekits ECONIKA

Net of shoe casekits ECONIKA

Game course "ECONIKA. Customers service standards for brand collection consultants"

In the process of e-learning courses development our company uses the most advanced technologies and the latest software. Each e-course is produced on a basis of a unique script, which is worked out by our methodologists in details. If the Customer entrusts us with the development of reference materials, we collaborate with experts from leading Russian universities such as the Moscow State University, the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, the State University of Management, etc.

Along with the development of multimedia training courses, our company is engaged in the implementation and configuration of learning management systems (LMS) which are software platforms for e-learning courses, video conferencing, testing, statistics, personnel training etc. In order to design the course we may use any LMS existing on the market, as well as do our own system developments based on Microsoft information technology. Our developments and integrations of complex software for corporate testing of Ward Howell consulting company, JSC "Russian Railways" and JSC "Sberbank of Russia" may serve as a good example for it.

Our works make a real difference compared to a standard slide e-learning course. We introduce creative solutions elements into the most routine learning processes. Our team has invaluable experience of professional photo and video shooting for courses, unique training presentations in public as well as short and brightly animated commercials.