Creating e-learning course


A script of an electronic course

The starting point in developing an e-learning course is the approval of the script based on available initial materials and generally adopted concept of the course.

E-course as a fascinating story

The transformation of the educational material into the form of an exciting story happened with all forms of education. For example, dry texts now are presented in "easy" style with pictures, examples and illustrations, and "good lectures" today look as exciting performances with elements of the theatre. E-learning, though being a"younger" form of teaching is also going through this evolution.

The course player

The course player is the main navigation tool of any electronic course. The success of learning directly depends on its convenience. The player, as a rule, is developed individually, depending on the chosen concept. It should comply with the course style and objectives.

E-course — the main content

All complex, creative ideas should have a solid foundation. Slide courses are such a foundation in the e-learning practice. They are the basis that allows building up a clear logic flow of theoretical information which is used later as the skeleton on which the corresponding visualization, interactivity, etc. are added.