E-course — the main content

A slide course may include the following:

• Audio, video,  photo files, drawings

• Various interactive elements for switching between the information within one slide

• Demonstrations of working with various programs

• Assessment of the training results

• Links to various documentation, etc.

Illustrations in these courses are very important, as they cause emotional attitude to the text, generate motivation, provide better understanding and comprehension of the material and at the same time allow the user better orientation in the text.

For each course or courses united by a common topic, an individual design is worked out according to its content, thus making the course enjoyable and convenient. At the same time, this course can be built on the basis of involving plot scenarios and, consequently, not limiting the abilities of e-learning.  

The main advantages of a slide e-course are as follows:

• The presentation of the material in parts

• Completeness of the idea in one slide

• Identification of main ideas

• Involvement of the student’s activity through various interactive exercises

• Use of illustrations, diagrams, tabular presentation of information

• User-friendly and logical transitions between the slides It is important to note that careful application of instructional design, providing material from a potential student’s perspective and unlimited possibilities of imagination can make a fascinating training manual even from a standard slide course.