Basic interactive elements

In e-learning courses, depending on the logic of presenting information within a single slide, the following set of interactive elements is used: 

·         "Scrolling" - with this element the content of the slide moves in vertical or horizontal direction    

·         "Prompt about interactive elements" - indicates an interactive element on the slide "Click", "Hover" etc.    

·         "Pop-up" – this element provides additional information that is important within the viewed slide. The button with the same name opens a pop-up window on top of the other elements on the slide. Upon opening the window the elements below it are unavailable          

·         "A single text field" is a group of buttons, by pressing which there is a change of content in a given area. Each button has its own name. Usually, the names are sub-topics of the slide          

·         "Carousel" (a text or image rotator) - this element is designed to change the information within one slide with help of an arrow or a navigation dot      

·         "The accordion" - is a group of buttons arranged in a single vertical row. Upon clicking, the buttons go up and down making a space for content          

·         "The tooltip when hovering" is designed to display additional text when hovering over a navigation dot        

·         “Magnifier” is designed to enlarge the image and is applied to documents, charts, tables, illustrations, screenshots of programs and applications.