Development of electronic and multimedia presentations

Creation of corporate presentation materials serves multiple purposes. They are primarily functional purposes: to present the company and its services in a comprehensible form and to advantage as well as to deliver information about plans, events, etc. The second aspect is creation of good impression and sustaining a positive image. In this case, the format of materials and how they are presented will emphasize the image that the company believes important to form with its customers and partners.  

Development of electronic presentations is a part of this process. Often, it is no less important a type of materials than a printed booklet or the company website. To achieve both the groups of targets, the companies create corporate identity, subjecting all their material to some unified set of design rules, tone and even semantics.      

At the same time, the abilities of digital presentation materials are greater than the abilities of printed ones. To use them superficially (as a secondary form of presentation) is a big mistake. There’s more to digital technology. On the other hand, the development of multimedia presentations is a process that differs much from working with print shops. That is why most often the company is not able to realize this task with high level results independently. It is advised to engage contractors, sometimes even from several fields of expertise.

There’s more to digital technology

Peculiarities of multimedia interactive presentations development

The determining factor in creating presentations in a multimedia format is abundance of possibilities. In one piece of material, it is possible to combine infographics, interactive charts, videos, embedding  dynamic content from the Internet. Nevertheless, it is important to avoid mistakes and not to use all forms of presentation in one place. At best, it is superfluous, at worst, it is harmful, and in all cases, it is expensive.

The development of an interactive presentation includes the design (choosing successful presentation forms of necessary information tailored to the target audience, communication objectives and many other factors — from budget constraints to technical capacity of the data storage device) and technical implementation (creation and consolidation of these forms into a single material).    

The more diverse the project is the more diverse experts it needs to be carried  out at a high level. Coordination of their activities is a non-trivial task for a person without similar experience. That is why in most cases, it will be wise to consult a specialized company - provider.

When choosing a contractor, it is necessary to make sure that the company has enough expertise in interactive presentations and its portfolio contains some examples. Please note, that under the terms of agreements, certain portions of corporate materials are often impossible to publish in open access. Just ask the contractor directly if he can show some examples from his own computer during a personal meeting.