Peculiarities of the video course development

Educational videos and video - is an interesting presentation of the material

The main advantage of these courses is practical visual material and its impact on visual, aural, logical, associative and other types of memory that provides the highest quality of mastering the educational material.

During the learning process the user switches to different types of the information presentation, which allows keeping his interest in learning as long as possible. 

Video course development includes the following:  

•     Preparation of the video course script: the dialogue, actions, camera movements, etc.

•     Choice of actors, voices, premises

•     Shooting, processing of the video, processing of the sound

•     3D graphics, animation, etc.    

Videos can be filmed either in «real» premises or using a chromakey Studio, which later allows to add any futuristic environment, additional elements, graphs, charts, two-dimensional or three-dimensional animation, etc. depending on the goals and objectives of the course.        

The courses can be implemented either in the framework of the e-learning course player (with the statistics in an LMS) or in the format of individual clips.