The courses for personnel management

"Seeing is believing" is a well-known principle of life, which is also fair when we speak about educational sphere. Show the person how something is done, and they will remember it better than after just reading the manual.  

Videos for staff training are considered to be the best embodiment of the "seeing is believing" principle. Fair to say that the specific form of visual presentation can be different and still successfully complete its task. For texts, diagrams, illustrations and photographs are more demonstrative as they increase the efficiency of learning.

For illustrated materials, animation or 3D graphics are good quality add-ins. However, namely videocourses, in the aspect of clarity, are considered to be "the best". From the description of the principles of equipment operation up to the sales techniques and personnel management, videos have quickly gained popularity and kept it until now.

What is better to teach through video courses?

Any lecture, seminar or presentation can be recorded, thus making the scope of the courses unlimited. It is POSSIBLE to use the courses in any field of knowledge, and the only question will be "Is it NECESSARY?" Each method of the training materials presentation has its own application. Video is not an exception. Choosing a format of staff training, consider the objective needs of the educational process.    

For example, a description of a new banking product is often just text information: numbers, terms, bonuses etc. But the way of  banking product presentation to the clients is better to train via the video course, because it is important to see how the employee should act and what he says. The information on the program operation can be better presented as an interactive course demonstration, while a video with multiple situational scenes will be the best instruction on communication of the feedback to the employee.

In general, if there is the only area in which the courses have a distinct advantage over other formats of e-learning, it is any form of interpersonal relations. Well-made video courses on staff management, mentoring, negotiations and presentations are far above similar text materials.

How to make a good video course

The course must be directed, filmed and edited. Good video is like a short movie, while a bad one looks like a dull home video shot in the backyard. This is the main difficulty in creation of effective training videos.    

A bad movie is hard to watch: annoying amateur actors, empty phrases, illogical dialogues. If all these exist in the course for personnel training, at best, the course will not be remembered, and the staff will perceive only its theoretical part. The worst thing will be if the employees perceive the amateurishness as a guide to action. More than that, if it was the course on personnel management, the negative effects of such so-called "training" will spread among new and existing employees. Therefore, it is very important to shoot a good movie. Filming, editing and casting on the top level may require additional investment but, at the same time, there is a segment of small-budget movies, built on the performers’ personal talent, desire and motivation.

Identify your strengths, goals, benchmarks according to the budget and find a partner to create the video courses that will complement you.