E-learning courses for companies

Personnel training will benefit any company, regardless of the scale of activity. The more employees, the better it is to train them in electronic form. So, in large companies, the corporate e-learning is fastly becoming an important component of personnel policy, whereas, in small-size companies, the process of mastering this learning instrument lasts longer.

Filling a corporate library for educational materials usually goes in two directions: e- courses according to the company profile that are developed to order, and universal e-courses in general disciplines and activity principles, acquired by the license (the so-called "ready-made" courses).  

For small and medium size businesses, the combination of these two directions can be costly, especially if a decision on the development of the corporate training has not been made yet or minimum ("test") budget is allocated for its start-up. In this case, it is better to look at current tasks and to determine which online courses the company needs more at the initial stage: materials based on its own “know-how” and internal procedures (which can be developed only when ordered) or some ready-made training materials on topics that will help to give the employees the desired "common" skills.

System of the company personnel training

All e-learning courses, developed or purchased individually or by the license, can work independently and do not require a distance learning management system (LMS). On the other hand, personnel training is easier to organize with the help of this system. It will ensure centralized access to training materials, reduce risks of information leakage, and organize accurate records of training productivity.

However, if at the first stage of e-learning implementing, the company has decided not to purchase and setup the LMS (with small scale it is quite a logical approach), the learning process can still be successfully organized: