E-course "Countermeasures to bribery and corruption. Anti-corruption policy of the company"

Customer: Gold mining company CJSC "Polyus"

Target audience: the company personnel

The course objectives

  • To acquaint the trainee with the basic norms of applicable anti-corruption laws
  • To review the types of corruption offences
  • To familiarize with the company's policy on combating corruption and demands to officials on regulatory compliance with accepted laws

Content sources

For the development of the course, we used the Russian and foreign legislation in the field of combating corruption and the provisions of the Customer supplied corporate anti-corruption policy. Our experts have conducted methodological information processing, developed the design of the slides and picked up a thematic illustration.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

The course acquaints the trainees with the basic provisions of the legal acts of anti-corruption legislation in Russia and interacting foreign countries, gives a description of the different types of bribes, and the conditions to bring different organization to justice. The training material contains several examples of major corruption violations, and presents rules of reporting documentation. The course material convenient structuring makes it easy to digest.

Practical exercises included into the course

The knowledge degree evaluation is carried out by testing with the use of different types of thematic issues.

Each interactive block reveals more detailed information related to the educational issues.

Visual design permits to focus the learner’s attention on the most important points.

To help the learner and provide him with detailed explanations of the concepts essence, we use "pop-up" tips.

We have posted "pop-up" tips with detailed information without overloading the slide.