E-course "Introductory course. Rosgosstrakh"

Customer: Insurance company "Rosgosstrakh"

Target audience: newly hired company personnel

The course objectives

  • To acquaint the staff with the activities of the Company, its history and corporate values
  • To introduce the rules of external communication with the clients
  • To help to learn the methods of proper presentation of the company services

Content sources

As the basis for the course, the Customer provided us with topic documents and photos. Our developers wrote and implemented a unified script for material presentation. The company's corporate colors are used in the design of the course elements.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

Design was developed in a modular business style according to the thematic sections. The study material acquaints the learner with the internal Company structure and principles of the corporate management. The rules of the Company services presentation and external communication are given in details (standards of employee conduct, the order of communication with the press, etc.).

Practical exercises included into the course

Testing of the received information is implemented by our developers with the help of interactive exercises, such as proper placement by the learner of graphical elements set on the Company letterhead.

For the learner’s transition to the various theory blocks, we have used the activation of the picture interactive elements that insures the course flexibility.

To illustrate more than 90 years’ company history the course contains bright posters of the era. 

The basic rules of communication are given to the trainees with the help of hand-drawn illustrations made by our artists. They convey the smallest nuances of facial expressions and gestures of the characters.