E-course "Lean office"

Customer: Gas processing and petrochemical company PJSC "SIBUR Holding"

Target audience: PJSC "SIBUR Holding" personnel

The course objectives

  • To specify the causes of the loss occurrence during the work process, to evaluate their level and impact on the daily work and the company functioning as a whole
  • To acquaint the employees with the basic principles of minimizing or eliminating the losses alongside to optimization of the working processes in the office
  • To teach the active use of work tools of everyday lean manufacturing 

Content sources

The Customer provided us with the materials “Presentation of principles of "Lean office" for personnel training” and “Methods of "Lean office" instrument employment at SIBUR holding enterprises". He also submitted some text materials with photos, diagrams and tables. Our experts carried out methodological processing of the materials received, wrote the script, created characters, developed the course design, included interactive exercises and animated objects and provided quality soundtracks.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

We developed the course script that simulates different situations in which the office staff demonstrate a number of possible cases of losses that may occur during the work process: misallocation of resources, loss of time, re-transfer of materials, etc. The course guide character helps to learn the basic principles of the corporate thrift system and demonstrates their application in practice. To make the learning interesting and memorable, we used numerous animated demonstrations and accompanied the presentation of educational material with bright schemes and comments of the off-screen announcer.

Practical exercises included into the course

We have included various interactive exercises to the course that help to demonstrate the user the application of the mastered principles of corporate frugality. Detailed methodological processing of the exercises and the design developed by our experts in combination with a variety of interactive solutions, made the learning dynamic and knowledge tests interesting and exciting.

We used interactive elements to optimize the presentation of slide information.

We showed the demo examples of production losses occurrence. 

To enhance the learning we came up with interesting design of interactive exercises.