E-course "MTS Introductory course"

Customer: Cellular operator "Mobile TeleSystems" (JSC " MTS")

Target audience: company employees

The course objectives

  • To show the main scope of telecommunication services provided by the company
  • To introduce the activities of the company in the field of corporate training
  • To motivate creative attitude of the employees to their work for the success of the company development

Content sources

The Customer provided us with photos and videos of bright events in the company life, and with a selection of textual information, including thematic scheme. We have carried out the methodological materials processing, built a storyline and created the characters. Our designers implemented stylish design for the course.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

In the course design we have applied the image of the Ship of the Future, filled with all sorts of interactive elements and animation effects, reflecting the specific information technologies that form the basis of the company. Due to that creative design, the course became colorful and exciting. In order to help the learner we designed five superheroes, each possessing superhuman abilities, who are willing to share them with any company employee.

Practical exercises included into the course

E-course "MTS Introductory course" does not provide verification of acquired knowledge.

The learner acquaintance with the course interface and its characters take place before the beginning of the training.

Our superheroes who actively help the perception of the material vary the process of learning.

To achieve maximum effect in the knowledge acquisition, we conducted a qualitative structuring of the material and used many interactive and animated elements.

The course unusual stylistics and an interesting design make the learning fun and memorable.