E-course “Practice of “Line tour” in SIBUR company”

Customer: Gas processing and petrochemical company PJSC "SIBUR Holding"

Target audience: PJSC "SIBUR Holding" managers

The course objectives

  • To provide the manager with theoretical foundations of the "Line tour" practice 
  • To form the manager’s skills to conduct effective line tours
  • To motivate managers to apply the said practice in their daily work

Content sources

The course was developed on the basis of materials provided by the Customer, which included the presentation with predominance of textual information and tables, “Notebook of the participant of the program "Manager work standards". Our experts wrote the script, created images of the guide character and helper-characters and developed practical tasks. The course is backed by off-screen announcement. By the way, "Manager work standards" is a series of courses for which our designers developed the same unified style. 

Uniqueness of the course and its content

In this course, we have presented the theoretical aspects of all stages of the line tour. We created the possibility for the learner to apply the obtained knowledge and skills while doing practical exercises. For example, practical help to the guide character - Planning department manager - in preparing and conducting the tour and  then making a report on its results. Due to the guide’s help and the dialogues between the manager and other employees the training process reproduces the real conditions and gives a possibility to view the samples of documents related to the line tour. To make the learning process interesting and effective, we used interactive elements, highlighted the important pieces of information, designed a tour guide and involved the learner to participate in the dialog situations.

Practical exercises included into the course

We developed the course in such a way so that to let the learner use the received knowledge in definite situations as well as to test the level of his theoretical knowledge in different formats. When performing a complex exercise in assisting the guide character -Planning department manager - on all stages of the line tour, we gave the learner the opportunity to take a virtual line tour, i.e. properly plan the event, to prepare a proper dialogs with other employees, to respond to emerging issues duly.

Our guide character - Planning department manager - always focuses the learner’s attention on the important information, gives different tips and provides feedback.

An example of a complex exercise for the learner: assistance to the guide character - Planning department manager - on all stages of the line tour.