E-course "Sales-book. Promsvyazbank”

Customer: JSC "Promsvyazbank"

Target audience: the Bank employees

The course objectives

  • To share the knowledge on the corporate service standards, ethics of communication with the clients and to provide the employees with practical guidance on finding and attracting the clients
  • To develop the skills in effective communication with clients and sales based on the best practices and techniques of working with clients
  • To introduce the recommendations in reporting to assess the sales effectiveness 

Content sources

The course was developed on the basis of thematic documents and presentations with diagrams and tables for the different course modules, supplied by the Customer. Our experts wrote the course script, created characters, developed interactive dialogues and animated videos.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

We have developed he course in the form of an interactive encyclopedia of the corporate rules for sales and service. The learner, being acquainted with accepted methods and techniques of working with the clients, receives advices on conducting effective sales and communication skills. According to our script the learner have to live a day as a banking consultant from early morning until night. During that time he carried out his professional duties, receives valuable experience being a part of a friendly team. After a hard working day, the course script offers him an unexpected interesting journey.

Practical exercises included into the course

The information blocks of the course contain interactive exercises in the form of dialogues with clients, where the learner is offered the opportunity to carry out a conversation based on rules and methods he has learned.

Our developers have created a unique map for the course, with four location sections: "Home", "Work", "Exhibition" and "Agency".

According to the course script the guide characters - the experienced Bank’s employees involved in customer service, accompany the learner during the training.

We have developed interactive exercises in the form of dialogues with customers, which allow the learner to conduct a virtual interview and apply in practice the skills acquired.

Bright design, innovative solutions in interactive elements construction and clear structuring of the information supplied are the competitive advantages of the course.