E-course "Underwriting of the loan applications of the physical persons”

Customer: JSC "Gazprombank"

Target audience: Bank employees

The course objectives

  • To systemize the approaches to the client underwriting process in the Bank
  • To study the procedure and methods to handle the loan applications as well as the procedures for making decisions on issues related to crediting of physical persons
  • To teach the methods of identifying the risks of loan default and the ability to give suggestions for its minimizing

Content sources

The Customer provided us with a text version of the "Methods of the clients underwriting", including general provisions for the procedure as well as tabular, schematic information, formulas and documents screenshots. Our experts carried out the methodological processing of the received material, developed a course script and interactive exercises, created characters, thematic dialogues and the unified design for the course.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

We made the course script in the form of a game detective story. The main character is a private detective from the agency called "Cerberus". Learning of the basics and nuances of the underwriting process takes place within the exciting detective investigation. The trainee with the help of a detective has to check the reliability of the potential borrower to eliminate the fraud. In the course of the investigation, the learner together with the character has to learn the peculiarities of filling the base documents for the loan by the customer, the formula for calculating the key indicators of solvency and creditworthiness of the potential borrower and other professional issues. We have built the course logic and a detailed storyline that allow the trainee easily handle a large number of sample documents and make a fascinating interactive exercises. The unique style solutions are implemented in the course s design.

Practical exercises included into the course

To test the learners’ knowledge we have developed various tools in the form of complex interactive exercises, rapid-fire quizzes and tests. Depending on their content, the learner can test the gained knowledge in the verification of the authenticity and correctness of the documents filled by a client and in calculation of the main indicators during the telephone verification, etc. Exercises help to develop the learner’s skills in underwriting. At the same time. the results of rapid-fire quizzes and tests show degree of the course basic concepts mastering. Learning progress is monitored through the built-in collection and reflection of the outcome statistical training data.

Combining of the functional material structuring with a fascinating plot and colorful topic-based design, we were able to make the learning process as effective as possible.

We optimized the information flow using "pop-up" tips and interactive blocks. The trainee learns the rules of the documents validation by study the illustrated examples of completed documents, which are checked by the fictional character.

Interactive exercises will form the trainee’s basic underwriter skills and the skills in completing the necessary documents and verifying of the correctness of their filling.

Display of the documents and their completion by the client are as close as possible to the existing corporate standards.

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