E-course "Unified management standards for the "Retail business" block"

Customer: JSC "Sberbank of Russia"

Target audience: Managers of "Retail business" block units

The course objectives

  • To acquaint the managers with the principles of work prioritization 
  • To teach how to make and visualize a priorities matrix 
  • To develop the leaders practical skills of planning their activity in the MS Outlook calendar

Content sources

As a base for course development, the Customer provided us with text documents containing instructions for working with the matrix of priorities, presentations, screenshots showing the order of operations in the "SCUD" system and MSOutlook program. Our experts conducted materials methodological processing and systematization, developed the course design, created interactive workshops on working with software products and incorporated some elements of the animation into them.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

We managed to build the structure of the textbooks and transitions to practical exercises in such a way that makes the learner’s comprehension easy, despite quite huge amount of information. The formation of trainees ' skills in performing operations is implemented through the programs’ screenshots with a focus on the interface elements. We have used the elements of the animation to display the actions algorithm.

Practical exercises included into the course

We have included several types of exercises for testing the theoretical knowledge and application of practical skills. The level of the learner’s comprehension of the basic concepts is checked through the classification tasks. The skills of practical operations are formed with the help of simulators displaying program interface and the accompanying comments on specific actions.

Interactive units with course content display.

The learner’s attention is focused on the interface elements with the help highlighting.

To optimize the amount of information and to preserve the details we offer a “screen magnifier” element.

In the framework of the training workshop, the learner is required to press the right buttons in the program interface implemented on the basis of screenshots.