Photorealistic course “Conflicts: interaction with clients and team members”

Customer: JSC "Gazprombank"

Target audience: Target audience: Front office personnel

The course objectives

  • To familiarize the staff with the procedures, accepted algorithm and the specifics of working with conflict clients
  • To train employees to avoid conflicts with internal and external Bank clients 
  • To train the staff to find competent and professional way out of the stressful situations

Content sources

The Customer provided us with the dialog situation plots and thematic information in the form of text files. Our specialists carried out the structuring of the submitted materials, their methodological processing, developed the plots for the shooting, chose the actors, conducted photography and developed the design of the slides.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

With the help of photographic plot of various dialogue situations, the course gives an idea about the nature of a conflict, its types and causes, helps the learner to discover how to build communication with different types of conflict clients and, at the same time, how to resolve conflicts in the team.

Practical exercises included into the course

Practical tasks included into the course are designed by our specialists in the form of photo comics.

The proposed layout, materials and the original course presentation allow involving the user into the process of active learning.

We also posted the photos of the course characters as illustrations on slides with the theoretical information to maintain the integrity of perception.

So that the student does not miss the useful information while viewing the dialog situations, we have implemented the slides succession control.