Game course "X5 Retail Group. Introductory course"

Customer: X5 Retail Group N.V.

Target audience: newly hired company personnel

The course objectives

  • To introduce to the employees the corporate strategy, core values of the company, the existing system of motivation
  • To describe the social program existing in the company 
  • To help newly hired employees to be quickly adapted to a new workplace

Content sources

As the basis for the course, the Customer provided us with text materials in various formats, photos and videos. Our experts systematized the received data and on that basis wrote the script, which includes the elements of the game and testing exercises. Our graphic designers have created guide characters and chosen unified style for the course slides.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

We designed the course in the form of a game travel around the company. During the trip, the learner, moving through colorful locations, meets with various aspects of the company life, learns about its structure and values, history and geography, about the channels of internal communication, corporate rules and much more.

Practical exercises included into the course

The course practical exercises and tests allow testing the level of the received knowledge in different formats.

Especially for the course, we have created the interactive map with five locations. Passing them, the learner receives a detailed topic information.

As guide characters we have designed two unusual heroes - Mr. "X" and Mrs. "Fiver", whose names are phonical to the Customer company name. 

In each location the learner is indicated the interactive elements. Behind each of them, some detailed information on various topics is concealed. On one slide, the heroes Mr. X and Mrs. Fiver found themselves in the distribution center.

On another slide Mr. X and Mrs. Fiver are moved to one of the company store, where they will learn about the peculiarities of the trading network and the standards of its operation.