Game introductory course for LLC "Boehringer Ingelheim" personnel

Customer: Pharmaceutical company LLC "Boehringer Ingelheim"

Target audience: Target audience: newly hired personnel

The course objectives

  • To introduce the company and its products to the employee, to help him to catch the spirit of corporate culture and to experience the company mission 
  • As part of the process of introduction of a new employee to his position to give him idea about the internal rules, policies and procedures existing in the company. 
  • To contribute to rapid adaptation of the employees to a new work environment and to reduce substantially the initial pool of questions

Content sources

The Customer provided us with the face-to-face presentations materials of the Introductory course, the structure of the company departments and some internal documents defining the policy of the company and regulatory procedures. Our methodologists combined all information into a single training module and processed it into a convenient and intelligible form.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

During the course, a new employee helps the Professor throughout a working day to collect the fragments of accidentally broken molecule. Every missing part of the molecule the learner receives only after mastering one course chapter and passing the test. We made the map of the course. It helps the learner to track the locations; the chapters passed and found the molecule fragments. The game technology implemented in the plot allows maintaining the learner’s interest throughout the training.

Practical exercises included into the course

We designed the course in such a way that the learner gets a lost molecule fragment only after study of a definite part of the theoretical material and upon a successful completion of the intermediate test. This determines the necessity for the trainee to learn the material of each Chapter.

So that to acquaint the learner with the history of the company, the stages of its development in the international and Russian markets, our specialists prepared animated videos, which at the beginning of the course briefly and succinctly convey this information to the learner.

We especially created the Professor - a cartoon character who invites the learner into the storyline. The Professor by embarrassing accident broke a unique molecule he had composed.

We have developed a map of the course which allows the learner to switch between locations, to see which of them have been already completed and which ones have to go through. It also helps to monitor the progress of the molecules fragments compilation of into a single unit.

Our team has designed a unique course style, which unites all control elements. For example, the design of the course menu is made in the form of laboratory test tubes.

On the course, map the learner together with the character moves with help of the selection of locations. To implement the transitions to a relevant course topic we have developed the interactive menu items, the sequential selection of which provides the corresponding transition.