Interactive course "Caspian pipeline consortium: Introductory course"

Customer: CJSC "Caspian pipeline consortium-R"

Target audience: newly hired company personnel

The course objectives

  • To acquaint new employees with the company structure, the history of its development and regulatory documents to organize the working processes
  • To talk about corporate social programs and to teach a proper document’s preparing in strict accordance with legislative requirements
  • To familiarize with the common employees standards and rules of conduct as well as appearance requirements 

Content sources

The course was created on the basis of presentations and text files provided by the Customer. Our experts conducted methodological information processing, developed a course design and interactive elements

Uniqueness of the course and its content

During presenting of educational material, we used a variety of interactive elements and objects visualization, made by our developers in a unified style. Within the frameworks of the course, the trainee will learn about the pipeline geography and the basic development stages of the consortium cooperation with companies and governments of partner countries. The learner receives information about the consortium social programs and conditions of participation in them, as well as about the corporate work system and personal safety.

Practical exercises included into the course

After each section of the course, we have included the testing of the learned material, which is based on the different types of questions on the sections’ topics.

Within the unified design, we have displayed the navigation buttons in the form of a pipeline with elements of animation.

We have implemented the interactive menu for navigation to a more detailed consideration of each of the programs in the form of a diagram that includes animated objects.

For better information perception, we have used visualization of the training materials.

The course contains the chronological tape illustrating the main stages of the company development.