Multimedia training course " Keystones of energy efficiency"

Customer: Russian energy holding JSC "RusHydro"

Target audience: the company managers and staff

The course objectives

  • To acquaint the user with the state policy and normative-legal base in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency
  • To introduce the basics of energy saving
  • To familiarize with the energy industry survey data

Content sources

The course was developed on the basis of Customer-supplied textual presentation of information, tables and diagrams. Our staff wrote the course script and developed practical tasks. The designers have implemented the course design in the unified style.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

The course in interactive form step-be-step shows all aspects of energy efficiency in the country fuel-economic complex. It contains numerous illustrative examples that describe innovations in the energy industry and the benefits of renewable energy. The knowledge consolidation is made with the help of interactive exercises and testing.

Practical exercises included into the course

The practical task that we have included into the course allow in different formats to check the assimilation of the theoretical information and the application of the learner's knowledge in specific situations.

Especially for this course, our experts have developed a unique design of the player using the company corporate colors.

The combination of statistical information with its display in the form of charts and graphs, which we implemented according to the script, gives the learner the opportunity to feel himself a researcher and motivates him on a meaningful comprehension of the course material.

An extensive source of theoretical information was effectively structured by our developers and from the methodological point of view presented in a convenient format.