We developed the "Finance for non-financial managers (basic)" course in order to familiarize all employees with basics of financial management. The theoretical material in the course is combined with a story line that contains animated movies, and is introduced to the user as the plot unwinds.

The mission

The company's success is measured by financial indicators and depends on the decisions taken by the staff. To make correct decisions, it is necessary to know and to understand how the main business indicators are formed, to be able to evaluate the achieved level of efficiency, to identify its strengths and weaknesses and to find resources for improvement. 

These topics cover a large amount of information, require a detailed description and should be presented in the course as intelligibly as possible. It was an important task for MMDC to develop an effective course that would ensure the company employees study all aspects of financial management with ease and interest. "Finance for non-financial managers (basic)" - is a customized course tailored to URALCHEM company.

Our solution

Specially for this course, we have created a series of animated videos according to the film "A Man from the Boulevard des Capucines" (a Red Western comedy by Mosfilm) . The main character has to start his own business.

To do this, he has first to calculate all planned performance indicators and to anticipate possible risks. The stories in the videos interlink the sections of the course into one story and involve the user in the process of studying the proposed materials. So that the user can easily cope with the large volume of information, we have divided the course into several separate sections.