The interactive introductory course in the form of a game presents Russian Post to new employees and gives them answers to the most common questions.

The mission

New employees often have difficulty in adapting to new workplaces: they cannot fully imagine the scope of activities of Russian Post and the complexity of the company processes, especially in the period of active transformation and innovation.

The "Welcome to Russian Post" course is designed to introduce these nuances to newcomers to form an understanding of the current company state and to reduce the period of their adaptation to new positions.

Our solution

To complete the task, it was necessary to find a format suitable for communication with a wide audience mainly consisting of senior citizens. We offered the concept of an animated game with different characters and a storyline. It made the course vivider and more interesting, helping the users to forget about the learning process as something boring and compulsory. The new information is perceived by the users as a vivid and amusing story thus transforming the training into a kind of rest and entertainment.

Great result!

Great result! Material study as a game The choice of the form of an interactive game for the course helped to solve two problems: made the learning process more engaging and easy for a wide audience, and also showed that the goals to become a more advanced company declared by Russian Post are being pursued now, for example, in the field of employee training.   Invitation of experts To show all the nuances of Russian Post activity, we invited the company employees and experts to participate in the script writing. This made the course as close to the real needs of new employees as possible and provided them with answers to frequently asked questions.    

The study of information in the general-to-specific pattern During the training, the user first studies the milestones of Russian Post development, then learns about the development of the production and logistics networks of the organization, and after that learns detailed description of the company postal, financial and other services. It helps the newcomer to understand Russian Post history and the scope of activities and to “find” his own place in the overall picture. The plot of the course is presented as the journey of one of the parcels through the departments of the logistics system existing in the Russian Post company. The main character of the course is a package with a present sent by the caring grandson to his grandma using Russian Post service. All "stops" in this route are used to form the course structure and are displayed to the users at the beginning of each section in the form of animated maps. During the journey the parcel gets to the many locations and meets many company employees. Especially for that we developed an extensive gallery of characters and locations.  

1.       After each section of the course, the users complete tasks to consolidate the learned material. It is done in the format of tests and exercises.

2.       The tests are designed to check the theoretical information; according to the test results, the user understands what he has remembered well, and what needs to be revised.

3.       The exercises of the course are designed in game formats, which are intuitively clear to the user, regardless of his age. For example, in one of the exercises it is required to solve a crossword puzzle containing prompts in case of any difficulties.   Summing up The "Welcome to Russian Post" animation course turned out to be informative and interesting, and the presentation of the material in a form of the game made the process of studying the company simple for all users. The course in an easy and comprehensive form introduces all information required for successful adaptation of new employees in Russian Post.