Gas processing and petrochemical company PJSC "SIBUR Holding"
The "Compliance at Sibur" course was designed to introduce the company’s anti-corruption policy and the meaning of compliance to the employees. The theoretical part presented in interactive form and in the “point-and-click” genre allows the user to interact with the course characters and objects of the interior while solving the training tasks.

The mission

If we speak about compliance risks, it is necessary to note that even insignificant at first glance actions may lead to serious consequences, both for the employee and for the company. The mission of the course development was not simply to force the user to learn the offered material, but also to train them how to apply the acquired knowledge.

That’s why it was required to find an effective and interesting tool that would ensure users’ understanding of all the nuances of compliance behavior via different cases, and to teach them to take right preventive actions in time, thus allowing the company to avoid compliance risks in future.

Our solution

To solve the issue, we simulated various situations that helped the user to view the problem from the inside and to feel himself as a full participant in the process. A character — a new company employee – was designed especially for the course. He was supposed to try on the role of the Company Ethics Committee expert. Within the course plot, the character visits different company departments where he is given various tasks related to the Committee activities.