Training course "Life without cough" on medication "Lasolvan"

Customer: Pharmaceutical company LLC "Boehringer Ingelheim"

Target audience: doctors and pharmacists

The course objectives

  • Consider the characteristics, mechanism of action and method of production of cough remedy "Lasolvan"
  • To compare the efficiency characteristics of the remedy "Lasolvan" and drugs of similar therapeutic action produced by other manufacturers
  • To study the marketing information used by the pharmacists and doctors during the patience consulting and prescribing the remedy.

Content sources

For the course development, the Customer provided us with the remedy presentations prepared in Power Point format and text file formats such as Word and Excel. Our specialists carried out systematization of the reference material, developed the course script that offers a choice of two professional directions to study for the trainee. Demonstration of illustrations and interactive elements are included into the course. All parts of the course are united by the same design.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

We designed the course in such a way, so that the learner, depending on his professional background, could select what type of training he would like to pass: as a doctor or as a pharmacist. Depending on his choice, the course offers different content and depth of educational material. For doctors attention it is focused on medical aspects of drug action, while the pharmacists are shifted to marketing information and sales techniques. To bring variety of information presentation and to make the course attractive we made extensive use of interactive elements: tabs, commands, dialog boxes, interactive transitions.

Practical exercises included into the course

The course does not supposed to have practical exercises

The structure of the internal organs of the human body is shown to the trainee with a help of dynamic illustrations of high quality. For them we have provided the effect of approximation up to the cellular level.

The course includes a review of scientific articles and results of marketing research.

We have presented the instructions for use of the therapeutic remedy "Lasolvan" in a convenient online format, which permits a quick jump to any specific part of it.