Video course "Health Program for the employees of JSC "Sberbank of Russia"

Customer: JSC "Sberbank of Russia"

Target audience: the Bank employees

The course objectives

  • To bring to the employees attention the importance of timely and regular monitoring of their health status
  • To provide employees with the scheme of comprehensive medical examinations and documents required for them
  • To familiarize with the special conditions of voluntary medical insurance for the Bank employees and their relatives

Content sources

The Customer provided us with text files describing the conditions of voluntary health insurance, procedure for obtaining the employee health certificate and information about the main directions of the Bank's activities in the field of personnel health care. Our experts structured the submissions, processed them methodologically, developed the design and created the video.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

The material study as part of the course we built linearly and in the given sequence. To make the learning process interesting and dynamic, we have included the animated objects. We managed to structure the material correctly and created a bright design. The video introduces the policy of the Bank in providing health insurance for their employees and talks about the list of services provided in accordance with the scheme of complex medical examinations.

Practical exercises included into the course

ideo course "Health Program for the employees of JSC "Sberbank of Russia" does not involve interactive exercises for the knowledge testing.

We used data visualization .to optimize the information flow. 

The course presents the viewer with a set of preferential medical services provided to the Bank employees.