Video course “Singapore miracle”

Customer: JSC "Sberbank of Russia"

Target audience: Bank employees

The course objectives

  • To familiarize with the historical peculiarities of the development of Singapore and Russia in the middle of the last century
  • To give a comparative picture of the key moments in the internal policy of the two States in respect of the progressive economic development
  • To form ideas about effective tools of economic development 

Content sources

For the course development, we used excerpts from the history of development of Singapore and Russia, and photographs, and charts supplied by the Customer displaying the distribution of economic sectors in both countries and the dynamics of changes in GDP over the last fifty years. Our experts conducted a methodological systematization and processing of the information, structured it, created a unified video line and developed the animated elements.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

In the course, we used a non-standard type of learning organization, in which information is presented linearly and in the given sequence. To make the learning more dynamic and interesting, we included some animated inserts and spectacular sounding. The highlights in the economic development of the two States with indigenous historical differences is shown in comparative diagonal. The trainee is encouraged to choose the effective instruments, which may be used in the economic development of our country.

Practical exercises included into the course

Video course "Singapore miracle" does not contain interactive exercises and knowledge tests.

The leaner is given an idea about the economic situation in the two countries during the specified historical period.

The visualization data and animation of graphical information that we developed make the learning process the most effective.