"Brokerage services. Gazprombank"

Customer: JSC "Gazprombank"

Target audience: The Bank front office personnel

The course objectives

  • To give the learner the basic concepts of the stock market functioning
  • To introduce the stock market working mechanisms 
  • To develop skills in effective advice of the clients on the issues related to brokerage service 

Content sources

We developed the course using the materials supplied by the Customer in the form of text files, which included theoretical information, some test questions, plots and dialogue situations. Our experts have organized the information, wrote the course script, created animated cartoon characters, compiled and issued thematic dialogues between the Bank staff and their clients.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

The course is constructed in such a way so that in easy and accessible format to familiarize the learner with extensive theoretical information describing the features of the stock market, the options of Bank securities brokerage, algorithm of client advising and other aspects of the topic. With the help of the guide character, we have made the learning process interesting and effective, using interactive diagrams, implemented thematic dialogue on the situation and highlighting important pieces of information.

Practical exercises included into the course

Examination of course materials was implemented by using convenient and effective testing tools. Its algorithm provides for recording the results of the employees testing into the Bank general database.

We have introduced in the course the guide character to help the learner to focus on the important points.

To help the learner to grasp the training materials effectively, we have used interactive diagrams and highlighted important pieces of information.

The course final testing was included to verify the learner’s knowledge.