"E-course for a consultant-novice. Mary Kay"

Customer: Cosmetic company "Mary Kay"

Target audience: beauty consultants of Mary Kay company

The course objectives

  • To tell about the competitive advantages of the company cosmetic products
  • To teach how to pick the cosmetic products correctly in accordance with customer wishes
  • To develop the skills in carrying out of effective beauty master classes for the implementation of successful sales

Content sources

As the basis for the course development, the Customer provided us with presentation material enlisting the products and rules of cosmetics application, as well as the documents describing the structure of consultants’ statuses and the history of the company. We formatted the materials, wrote the course script, created characters and developed interactive exercises to reinforce the received knowledge.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

The course in an interesting and accessible form reveals the basic principles of the company operation, talks about the competitive advantages of products and forms the learner’s skills in beauty consulting. To accompany the learning process, we used a character guide - consultant who, through his own example, demonstrates effective dialogues with potential clients in different everyday situations: on the playground, in the supermarket or at a party. The guide also assists the clients in choosing cosmetic products depending on their skin type, age and individual peculiarities, as well as demonstrates all stages of business consultant progress together with Mary Kay.

Practical exercises included into the course

For the development of the consultant's professional skills, our course includes various kind of interactive exercises, tests and questionnaires. Tasks stipulate a model of communication with a client, selection of perfume fragrance, depending on the client’s temperament, age and hobbies, preparation for a beauty master class and organization of the working space. We have implemented feedback with detailed comments on the results of the exercise to make the course material easy to grasp.

The guide character- the consultant - helps the learner to be well oriented in the company catalogue with cosmetic products, he describes the expected effect of the cosmetics use.

The guide character - a consultant - teaches the way to carry out effective dialogues with clients.

The trainee with the help of the calculator that we built in will be able to calculate the amount of estimated revenue from the consultant actions in selling of the cosmetic products.

The exercises will teach the learner, as a consultant, to pick up all the necessary items for beauty master classes and draw his attention to the details.