The "Mentoring" course is designed to train Russian Post employees in principal methods of mentoring, elements and tools of effective communication and feedback, team motivation and goal setting. The theoretical information is given in a form of a story describing adaptation of a new employee with a help of a more experienced colleague. The course theoretical part is presented in an interactive form and is introduced to the user as the plot unwinds.

The mission

Mentoring means providing the learner with certain behaviours and further adjustment of their work through feedback. In other words, the mentor should not only convey the knowledge accumulated in the company and the norms of behavior accepted in it to their mentee, but also should uncover his mentee’s hidden potential and support the beginner’s initiatives, giving them the opportunity to feel sometimes as followers and in certain cases as leaders. Besides, mentoring should be mutually beneficial. Thus helping an inexperienced employee, the mentor gains the skills of effective personnel management.

In practice, often during the coaching process there arise some issues, both general and specific. Therefore, the main objective of the course  is to introduce all possible "pitfalls" of the knowledge transfer process to the Customer’s experienced employees and do it in a quite easy, clear and attractive form. "Mentoring" solves the key business issues and shows that the more successful initial training of a new employee is, the faster they will start working properly and the more comfortable and confident they will feel in their workplace. The qualification of the personnel and their promotions directly depend on the quality of knowledge transfer in the company.

Our solution

The study of the mentoring process required not only providing the user with the theoretical information on the subject, but also giving them an opportunity to apply the knowledge. That is why the theory and practice (in the form of exercises simulating real working situations) are closely interwoven into the course plot.

Thus, according to the course plot, a Russian Post experienced employee receives a task from her supervisor to become a mentor for a newcomer. She is very anxious about the matter and tries her best to do the job.