Interactive multimedia courses

Our interactive courses convey educational messages within a clear structure and logics. They include multimedia elements, illustrations that match the learning objectives and do not distract the users. They have a variety of graphics, such as diagrams, tables, charts, graphs, etc. Each course has a high quality sound..

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Unique plot courses

The learning process goes, as if within an interesting story with its unique characters, acts and scenes. At the same time, the educational feature of the course is lways in the foreground, and the script enhances the interest and activity of the learners.

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based on the software solutions

A special variety of e-courses that we create is simulators for work with software products that allow re-creating the software interface in order to train the learner to operate them, to check the user’s knowledge and operation speed.

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Video courses

Interesting and dynamic courses involve the visual and auditory channels of a person information perception. Our courses pursuing the learning objectives, present demos in short and concentrated form and what is most important - very effectively.

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Photorealistic courses

Courses of this type are based on the specially processed and prepared «vivid» images. This kind of courses are ideal for customers who train the staff skills in sales, commercial and marketing negotiations, when the real demonstration of people's emotions are much more effective than their verbal description.

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Game simulator courses

We create such courses basing on the game script, which makes the learner to control the characters and to solve practical problems in the process of training. Our customers prefer such courses as they develop the personnel practical skills easily and stimulate the users’ excitement thus causing a desire to return to the course once and again!

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Other services

The experience and background of our specialists allow us to expand continuously the range of services, including creating and animated commercials, preparing design presentations, and more. We like unusual tasks, and we are able to deal with them efficiently and in time. Any multimedia fantasy of your discretion!